Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Best Pop to Nora Istrefi - Video Fest 2006

Music Video Fest 2006 is another popular albanian music festival (albanian music industry is booming!), held in Prishtina (capital city of Kosova) every year around April (started 2003), where best music video clips of previous year are judged in 16 categories. Fest is organised by Errold Belegu and the coauthor of the original idea, Teuta Krasniqi. In this year's Video Fest 2006, held at the "National Theatre" in Prishtina, on 24th April 2006, Nora Istrefi was voted "Best Pop" with her video clip "Negativ". You can watch below a short interview of Nora Istrefi by RTK's "Amazing Be Njeri". Enjoy!

Nora Istrefi Video Fest 2006