Sunday, April 23, 2006

Digitalb Award to Nora Istrefi - Top Fest 3

Nora Istrefi Top Fest 3 Nora Istrefi Top Fest 3
Nora Istrefi Top Fest 3 Nora Istrefi Top Fest 3

Nora received "DIGITALB" award with her song "Nuk Mundem", in this year's Top Fest 3 Music Festival.

Top Fest is one of the most popular albanian music festival (something like MTV Music Awards) and third edition was organised this year (hence Top Fest 3), gathering in Tirana hundreds of talented albanian singers, bands and musicians from accross all regions inhabited by albanians in the ballkans (Albania, Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia etc.) and beyond. Though albanians as one nation in the course of history were divided by foreign great powers, it is the music and events like this, that unite them more than ever. Participation and interest in this musical festival has been tremendous and it is now expected to be organised every year. The festival is managed & televised by leading albanian tv channel "Top Channel" (

The Top Fest 3 top award (& 10,000 EURO) went to Alban Skenderaj & Kthjellu with their song "Dicka".The rest of the awards went as follows:

  • "BEST DIGITALB" Nora Istrefi
  • "BEST MALE" Shpat Kasapi
  • "BEST FEMALE" Jonida Maliqi & Tuna
  • "BEST SONG" Soni
  • "BEST NEW ARTIST" Malda Susuri
  • "BEST POP ROCK" Kthjellu
  • "BEST HIP HOP" K-OS & Dj Blunt

Nora is preparing her second Album to be released end of June 2006.

You can watch below, the moment she received her "Digitalb" Award.

[mos hezitoni te leni komentin tuaj lidhur me Top Fest 3]

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