Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nora Istrefi Interview TopRTK

Nora Istrefi is at the peak of her career that literally has just started. We've seen awards after awards in the past months and yet again, just recently was voted by tv viewers of the Top RTK show, the Top Song for the month of April 2006. Looks that great successful future in the show biz is awaiting for Nora Istrefi. She gives answers to few questions that were sent in by her fans. She reveals the following: she is 20 years old... studies fashion design... appearing on MTV is one of her dreams... not married, not engaged and guess what, no boyfriend either... hmmm... well guys, she is still awaiting for the right prince (impress her with your comment here in this blog in what ever language you like, you never know)... 2nd album to be released mid June 2006 ...new video clip coming soon aswell etc.


rrustemi said...

vallahi nora masi koka puna qishtu, une nuk e la pa ti qu msit, se tybe je kam pelqen boll edhe gojen e paske tambel.

Anonymous said...

haha en enderr quni